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Former Grol Castle                                11

The vineyard is mentioned as early as 1381 in fealty by the brother’s Hand Zorn and Claus Zorn von Bulach, pledged to the Margraves Bernhard I. and Rudolf VII. The property, which was already mentioned at that time, had originally been a small, moated castle ‘located near Stöffenberg, the inner moat, and the place of Durbach, and mountains, mentioned for the first time as the house Grol’.

Countess of the Empire, Maria del Consuelo Wolff-Metternich, née Zorn, of Bulach, and her son Paul Joseph Graf-Wolff-Metternich led the Durbach vineyard until 1995. After that, the business was sold by their heirs.

In 1874, the ‘small castle’ was upgraded with a second floor. The alleged construction defects and ‘sponge’ in the walls led to the near-complete demolition in 1937. The vaulted cellar is used to store wines. The bottle cellar is located on the ground floor.

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