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Former district office             23

In 1757, the house was constructed under Margrave Georg Simpert von Baden and used as the new official courtyard of the Staufenberg demesne. It served as the administrative seat of the Staufenberg official until being dissolved in 1806. With the dissolution of the Staufenberg Office in 1806, the building was sold and then used exclusively as a residential house.

In May 1917, the Badische Frauenverein Durbach, led by Freifrau v. Neveu and the baker’s wife Rosa Bodenheimer, decided to set up a kindergarten and acquired the old Amtshaus [district office] on 3 October 1917. The Franciscan Sisters of Gengenbach were entrusted with the care of the children. In 1930, the women’s association was dissolved. It was succeeded by the Catholic Elisabethenverein, which has been the owner ever since.

In 1927, a sewing school was established, and, at the same time, a sewing sister was employed.

Numerous women and girls, so-called ‘sewing students’ were instructed in the art of sewing until about 1975.

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