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Weilermühle                         01

In 1328, Jörg Wiedergrün von Staufenberg is mentioned as the first owner of the ‘mills near the Durrenbach Wiler’. He was succeeded by Andreas von Wiedergrün in 1378. In 1655, Ullrich Marbach, a Strasbourg citizen, sold the mill to Michael Scherer, the Staufenberg official.

On 8 January 1661, the mill was sold by his widow Anna Margaretha to High Well-born Carl Neveu de la Folie. Under the tenant Karl Ludwig Streif, the mill stopped operating in 1976. Ownership changed once again in 1998.

Weilermühle lies at the border between Durbach and Ebersweier. Here was also the border between Landvogtei Ortenau and Margrave of Baden’s former Staufenberg demesne (see crest stone from 1539).

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