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Ergersbach Cross                                 31

To ‘honour god and his glory’, four devout citizens erected the Ergersbach cross in 1759.

In 1851, a devastating storm destroyed many bridges and paths in the Durbachtal. As a result, the front part of the Ergersbachtal flooded up to one metre. Thus, the cross’s base with the names of the benefactors remained hidden for 150 years. Back then, the Ergersbächle changed direction and flowed 100 metres up-valley until the saw.

The original stream was restored in 1948. In 2002, more than 20 citizens helped raise the cross to today’s level and make the inscription on the base legible again. The cross, along with the beautiful area, thus became a jewel of the Durbachtal.

Tradition holds that the old 18th-century wooden cross used to stand on the base of the Ergersbach cross, which was located 100 metres up the valley. A former fastening device at the foot of the wooden cross confirmed this.

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