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In the vicinity

Former Pochmühle                               03

The Staufenberg liege subjects had already mined iron ore around Staufenberg Castle in the early Middle Ages. Until 1791, the adjacent Hardtwald forest was subject to intense mining. The smelting of ore and the production of everyday objects took place in the area of this property. Melchior Wiedergrün von Staufenberg operated a relatively extensive ‘industry’ manufacturing oven doors until 1600.

Because of a wood shortage, after 1600, ore was pounded in the mill and transported to Bühlertal for smelting. In the 17th and 18th centuries, a Plauel was also used to process hemp. Until 1920, it was also used as a ‘mill for customers’ to process grain.

The Plauelrain vineyard derived its name from the Hanfplauel. The nearby Hanfrötze (shallow pond) was used to soak the hemp stems, making it easier to extract the fibres at the Plauel. The spun threads were used to weave linen sheets.

Property around 1950

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