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Former Synagoge                    10

Jews were first mentioned in Durbach in 1627. In 1801, 106 Jewish inhabitants were counted. From 1808 to 1898 there was an Israelite community with a community council. Around 1807/1808 this property was built by Joseph Neuburger as a two-story residential building with a synagogue. The prayer room with Jewish school was located on the upper floor on the left. Probably because of the small Jewish population, the property was sold in 1900.

Since 1813 the Durbach Jews had their own cemetery on the Alm, on the border to Ebersweier in today’s Klingelbergstraße.

On October 22, 1940, the Bodenheimer and Strauß families were deported to the Gurs camp in France.

Until 1900, the Durbach synagogue was located in this property on the upper floor on the left. It was a simple prayer hall with an attached Jewish school.

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