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In the vicinity

Former Ölmühle                                    02

As early as 1700, the Ölmühle was located at the Unterweiler Mühlbach. Until 1920, there was a focus on milling rapeseed oil and nut oil, but also grain. For some time, the mill wheel was also used as a grinding wheel (to sharpen tools), a so-called Hanfplauel (to crush and break up hemp stems), and as a gypsum mill.

The adjacent Ölberg vineyard derives its name from the Ölmühle [oil mill]. In 1790, Feihner, the stuccoer, created colours and gypsum from barite to rebuild the parish church.

Map from the General State Archives Karlsruhe from around 1700 shows four mills in Unterweiler, including the Ölmühle.

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