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Gasthaus zum Ritter             16

It is presumed that the last Staufenberg liege subjects, the Wiedergrün von Staufenberg, built the Gasthaus zum Ritter [inn] around 1580, which to this day holds so-called ewige Schildgerechtigkeit [an unlimited licence which allowed it to accommodate guests].The first official record of this fine inn dates back to 1656. With the increasing population in the valley along the Durbach, the house also gained importance as an inn, a venue for meetings and official negotiations. It also housed the Zehntkeller [tithe cellar], which was used to collect the tithe wine for the Staufenberg liege subjects and the All Saints’ Abbey.

From 1921, the Ritterwirt [Ritter’s innkeeper] offered a daily stagecoach service with two horse-drawn carriages to the Windschläg railway station, Offenburg, and sometimes to Strasbourg.

In 1988, the Gasthaus zum Ritter was the venue for the meeting between German Chancellor Kohl and French President Mitterand. The restaurant’s excellent cuisine has earned it several Michelin stars.

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