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Old doctor’s house                               24

Josef Danner presumably built the house in 1788. This is evidenced by the escutcheon on the side of the property, which bears the inscription ‘J.D. 1788’. After several subsequent changes in ownership, the forest warden Josef Huber acquired the property on 15 December 1856. In 1892, he passed on the property to his son, the painter Hugo Huber, whose works received much regard.

In 1925, the municipality purchased the building, after which it served as a medical centre for Dr Steiger and Dr Kirchner. Thus, the name Altes Dr. Haus [old doctor’s house]. As part of village development, the municipality sold the house in 1994. Since then, it has been solely used as a residential building.

The timber-framed building is much more than a static construction. The two-storey timber-framed building contains decorative elements like curved rhombuses and wheels in the gable triangle.

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