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Bakery Müller                                  21

In 1793, the lordly forest hunter David Schell bought a two-story dwelling together with a grass garden and game field. His son Carl Schell, also a forest hunter, completely renovated the property around 1800. His coat of arms has adorned the cellar arch ever since. In 1848, the estate was acquired by Lorenz Erhardt, a wound and healer doctor. He sold the house in July 1848 to the Jewish butcher Heinrich Bodenheimer.

With the transfer of ownership to Hermann Bodenheimer in 1874, a bakery was operated here for the first time. Son Moritz had to sell the bakery in 1938. Since then, the Müller family has owned the bakery. Under their direction, a café was established for the first time in 1956. The bakery and the café were expanded to the present-day existence through the acquisition of adjoining plots of land.

During the multiple reconstructions and extensions from 1800 to the present day, old components were taken over again and again. The year 1738, indicated on the left corner beam, is probably the original year of construction of the first building.

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