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Former school „Gebirg“                       33

In 1790, the Margravial Administration approved the construction of a school in the Durbach hamlet „Gebirg“ to avoid children being taught in several rented rooms. It was a half-timber house. The classroom was 5.1 metres by 5.7 metres.

Soon, significant deficiencies like humidity and poor ventilation became evident, which led to a re-construction in 1840. The 65-m² classroom was now suited for 60 children.

Again, the humidity was an issue in the narrow valley. However, the house served as a school and flat for teachers until 1972. Afterwards, the building was sold to the butcher Franz Spinner, who renovated it and turned it into a residential house.

In 1888, after it was known that ‘the school was wet and dirty’ the Grand Ducal District Office Offenburg wrote to the municipality: ‘We cannot comprehend how teaching staff could tolerate this condition.

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