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Weir Bühlmatt and Mühlbach             05

The Bühlmattwehr [weir] supplied a total of four mills with water. In 1851, the ‘old’ Mühlbach was nearly destroyed by a storm and rebuilt approximately 100 meters east of its original location. A massive weir was used to re-direct the water from the Durbach over the Bühlmattwiesen to the former Pochmühle [grinding mill]. From there, the canal continued at the Plauelrain slope behind today’s properties and further to the Ölmühle [oil mill].

There, the canal continued to the former Deckermühle and subsequently the Weilermühle. Several watergates were constructed for watering the Bühlmattwiesen and promoting growth. From 1842 to 1920, the Bühlmattwiesen were used to collect ice stored in the Bierkeller [beer cellar] for the summer months. Until 1930, there was a trench to the left of the stream to irrigate the meadows.

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