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Crucifixion group Grol           13

In 1789, the crucifixion group was built with the help of donations from Durbach citizens. The section served as a ‘consecration cross’ for funerals until the construction of the mortuary in 1965. The dead from the surrounding area were transported to the cross for consecration and subsequently to the cemetery. Dead people from the surrounding valleys, including Bottenau, were transported to the crucifixion group with the help of horses.

During church-related activities, like processions or Palm Sunday, the crucifixion group was used as a stop. It served as an altar decorated with flowers. Increasing weathering prompted the community in 1986 to replace all sculptors with faithful replicas. The work was financed by donations and executed by the Colmar sculptor Jean Luc Schické.

The crucifixion group consists of a primary cross in the middle, with an erected cross and Jesus. Below is Mary Magdalene with a skull. The left figure depicts Mary, mother of Jesus. The right one shows Johannes, the disciple whom Jesus loved.

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