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Gasthaus Hohberg                               34

In the Middle Ages, the Hohberg in the ‘mountains’ was already mentioned numerous times as a place of residence. Around 1760, there were around ten farms. In 1876 the land was sold to Stefan Kuderer, Knight Farmer and Staff Holder of the Stabs Gebirg. In the same year, he opened an inn, first mentioned by Andreas Panter as Zum Hohberg.

The in burned down on a carnival night. Wood from a barn located opposite and life estate was used to rebuild the inn shortly after.

There were several subsequent changes in ownership. In its third generation, the Ziegler family has been successfully managing the Hohberg for 70 years now.

Hohberg is the centre of the former Stab Gebirg of the Staufenberg Office. Here, the roads split into eight Zinken [conks] or side valleys.

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