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In the vicinity

18th-century farmhouse                      32

The devout Heisch family lived in this property since about 1700. The family was also among the benefactors of the Ergersbacher Kreuz, located 100 metres down the valley. The wooden cross originally placed there is now on the east side of this building. During renovations on the building, this old house blessing written on paper was discovered:

„In the name of Jesus, I command the pagan devil Malefiz, magic, disease, quarrel … as you … redeem … him but … our house and praise his name the holiest trinity Father God + Son + Holy Spirit + Amen +“

In the 19th century, the Kiefer family from Bottenau acquired the property and erected the sawmill in 1875, which is located across.

Between 1788 and 1808, Mathias Heisch built this beautiful half-timber house, as evidenced by the cellar arch relief. A memorial cross was erected in his honour in 1829, located 1 kilometre up the valley at the turnoff to the Brandecktal, which was extensively restored in 2012.

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