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Former bakery                                       25

In 1841, Durbach baker Bernhard Feger acquired this property with a ‘well-equipped bakery’. In 1846, he built a fancy residential building and inn, instead of the ‘one-storey dwelling’, which is indicated by the cellar arch that bears the symbol of a pretzel and his initials.

After him and his son, three other bakers worked here until 1888, when it was sold to the upholsterer Max Benetz. His daughter, Anna Barbara, married craftsman Heinrich Männle. This way, the property came into the possession of the Männle family. Their descendants renovated it in 1975, and they still live here.

The timber-framed building with a gable-topped hipped-roof towards Durbach perfectly fits its tight location between the stream and a steeply rising vineyard. There was also a shed since all properties back then had a small animal farm.

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