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In the vicinity

Former Bergwerkshaus                       06

Around 1560, Melchior Wiedergrün von Staufenberg started with the smelting of iron ore. It is assumed that he re-opened former ore mines or developed known ore deposits further. In 1770, the Bergwerkshaus [mining house] was built to manage the mine in the adjacent Hardtwald forest.

There were also pits near the house. Residents still use the old pits as water reservoirs. The ‘primary pits’ were near the St. Anton chapel. The mine employed up to 90 miners during its heydays.

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, many experienced miners were hired from other mining regions. Christian Glier from Schneeberg in the German Erzgebirge was the administrator of the mine until 1791. His descendants still live here.

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