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Former Herrenmühle                            27

The Landenbergermühle, later known as Herrenmühle, was built in 1588 by Melchior Wiedergrün von Staufenberg. After the last Staufenberger died, the mill was returned to the Margrave and feudal lord in 1604. In 1650, Wilhelm Hermann von Orscelar Freiherr von Staufenberg, the subsequent liege subject, also bought the Mühlhof bordering the vineyard.

During the great famine (1700 to 1771), the Nassal family managed the mill, which played a crucial role for Durbach. For hundreds of years, until 1932, the Herrenmühle was the largest grain mill in the Durbach valley. The last miller was Anton Benz. Today, it’s a fancy residential building. The vineyard behind the property is still called Mühlberg [mill mountain].

During the 1770 famine, Joseph Freiherr von Ried, born 1717 in Durbach, field marshal under Maria Theresa, Holy Roman Empress, collected 8t of grain as customs duty from a shipment meant for France and forced the mill to provide the population with free flour every month.

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