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Gasthaus zur Linde               26

The Gasthaus zur Linde was first mentioned in a ‘charge sheet’ of a Staufenberger court hearing in 1666. Hans Kunz from near the Lindenplatz complained that Thomas Wörner had publicly accused him of fraud at the upper inn in the presence of the ‘Linde innkeeper’ and other people.

In 1765, the people of Durbach gathered at the Linde inn to pledge an oath of allegiance to the future Margrave Carl Friedrich. In 1830, it was recorded that the Linde inn had the right to provide accommodation since times immemorial. From the 17th century until now, the Linde, with its restaurant and beautiful guest rooms, has always been a place for essential and convivial occasions.

In a letter of validity from 1587, the Lindenplatz is already mentioned in connection with an innkeeper. This is currently the first known mention of the Gasthaus zur Linde.

On 14 December 1830, the Grand Ducal Office Offenburg auctioned off the ‘construction of a wooden bridge with stone-land anchorage’ between the Herrenmühle and Gasthaus zur Linde to the ‘lowest bidder’. For the first time, the inn could be reached with dry feet.

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