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In the vicinity

Town Hall                             17

The municipality acquired the building in 1847 as part of the former Badwirtschaft zum Staufenberg [public bath]. The administration was moved here from the old town hall near the church.

The municipality, which consisted of three departments, soon needed more space for the growing administration, which is why a new building was constructed in 1906. The old town hall was demolished down to its foundation. Only a few remains of the walls have survived in the building until today. The ground floor housed the office and council chambers, the land registry office and archives, as well as the Durbach/Ebersweier/Nesselried association savings bank. The upper floor and attic accommodated flats for teachers and the citizens’ hall. Since the incorporation of Ebersweier in 1973, the rooms on the upper floor are also used for administrative purposes.

Between 1876 and roughly 1960, the annexe housed the local police station’s guardroom with two individual cells.

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