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Formerly Bad Staufenberg / Bären          18

Peter Jlg, a grocer and council clerk, ran a pub here as early as 1833, serving home-brewed beer. In 1841, the innkeeper, Ignaz Brandstetter from Offenburg, acquired the land. He soon obtained a licence to serve wine and built a new public bath with eight rooms. A wooden water pipe was used to source thermal spring water from a chalybeate spring in the Zinken Sendelbach and provide spa services. The public bath was given the name ‘zum Staufenberg’ and was granted Schildgerechtigkeit [a licence to serve food and drink], which allowed it to accommodate guests.

In 1847, the municipality acquired the land and set up the town hall in the former inn. In 1859, the licensed establishment was sold to Karl Behr, who in 1887 closed down the public bath and renamed the inn ‘zum Bären’.

From 1877, the inn also had a Bierkeller [beer cellar], a rock-cut cellar on the Plauelrain that still exists today.

In this cellar, the home-brewed beer was served ice cold in the summer months from June to August.

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