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Gasthaus zum Rebstock                      30

This property was assumed to be the vineyard and agricultural farm of Freiherr von der Schleiß until 1762. The farm was demolished and rebuilt in the Stürzelbachtal, presumably because of its distance to the vineyard.

In 1842, Maria Anna Laible purchased the land of today’s Rebstock, together with the smaller building, from her stepfather Mathias Haas. A few days later, she married Andreas Baumann from Oppenau. Since then, the property has been owned by the Baumann family.

In 1872, Andreas Baumann was awarded a bar concession. He opened the Wirtschaft zum Rebstock, which the family has successfully managed for the past five generations.

Over time, the small Rebstöckle, with a roofed open-air bowling lane, grew into today’s Hotel Rebstock. After acquiring agricultural land, a spacious park landscape was created for the guests.

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