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Former Plank dye works        15

The dyer Joseph Blanck with his wife Catharina Palmer bought this property on the Durbach in 1789. In 1790 a house with a dye works was built. In many households thread was spun from hemp and flax and some weavers in the village made the valuable linen fabrics. Dyer Blanck (later spelling Plank) dyed the threads and fabrics.

In 1801 the dyer Plank was entrusted with the important office of the “salt knife”. He had to administer the salt supply of the community and to give it ” in proper measure ” to the subjects of the Staufenberg office.

The Plank dye works remained in operation until 1882. The subsequent owners have since run a butcher’s shop.

In 1932 the property was rebuilt and expanded. The original dyer’s workshop on the brook disappeared and only the cellar of the old house remains.

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